Sherry Wells | 2 Aug 15:39 2006

Re: hope someone can help

Hi Candy,

Did you know you can use Jaws on up to 5 computers?  Just install it on 
any other computer you want to use.  As for installing it on an external 
drive,  you can do this but I'm not sure you could just plug the external 
drive into another computer and successfully use Jaws.  I'm sure Jaws adds 
or changes some things on the computer in order to run smoothly.  Plus I 
don't think Freedom Scientific would want to make their software quite 
this portable as it could too easily be shared with non paying users.

If you want to try, Jaws prompts you sometime during the install as to 
where you want to store the program.  The default location is the c drive 
in your program files folder.  You can type over this to indicate your 
external drive and a folder there.  You don't necessarily need a folder 
but it is a good idea if you have other stuff on the external drive.  Let 
us know if this works.  I wouldn't mind doing this too if it works.
Good luck.

Sherry Wells

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