Sergey Lisitsyn | 24 Apr 09:11 2012

GSoC Introduction - Domain adaptation and multitask learning algorithms

Dear all,

I hope I am known person there as I have been developing Shogun for a while already :) 

This year I am going to work on transfer learning algorithms, essentially domain adaptation and multitask learning ones under guidance of Christian Widmer. For the moment we have come with some preliminary plan including following features:
  • Various tree based L1/L2 norm regression techniques ported from the SLEP package [1] 
  • Domain adaptation and multitask learning multiclass support vector machines [2,5] (this is actually a field my mentor Christian is expert in)
  • Structural correspondence learning [3]
  • Manifold regularized multitask learning [6]

This year GSoC gives me an opportunity to work full-time on our marvellous Shogun toolbox and I'd like to thank Soeren and Christian for their support. I also would like to thank all the GSoC candidates for carrying out a few really great improvements during selection period. I am happy to see our team is gradually expanding.