Michal Uřičář | 24 Apr 15:06 2012

GSoC Introduction - Bundle method solver for SO learning

Hi everybody, 

my name is Michal Uricar (my nickname on IRC is uricamic) and I am a first year PhD student from Czech Technical university in Prague, Czech Republic. I have been selected for the task of developing bundle methods solver for SO learning mentored by Vojta Franc.

My work consists of three main parts:
  1. Implementation of the classical Bundle Method for SO learning [1][3]
  2. Integration of this algorithm to Shogun
  3. Experimental comparison of this algorithm with the state of the art structSVM [2] and other SO solvers already integrated in Shogun
Besides the contact with my mentor and other Shogun developers through both mailing list and IRC channel, I plan closer collaboration with Fernando J. Iglesias Garcia, GSoC student whose task is development of the generic SO framework. 

Finally, please let me express that I am really grateful for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful project.

Best regards 


[1] C.H. Teo, S.V.N. Vishwanthan, A.J. Smola, Q.V. Le. Bundle Methods for Regularized Risk Minimization. JMLR, 11(Jan):311−365, 2010. 
[2] T.Joachims. StructSVM.
[3] C. Lemarechal, A.Nemirovskii, Y. Nesterov. New variants of bundle methods. Mathematical Programming. 69, 111-147. 1995