Viktor Gal | 24 Apr 16:18 2012

GSoC Introduction - Latent SVM


::: i'm Viktor (you might know me by the nick wiking on IRC). I'm currently a PhD student working on image
classification problems, mainly focusing on medical images. I've been selected to implement a general
purpose latent SVM as part of the GSoC of shogun. My mentor for the project is Alexander Binder. Some of you
might know that for the research in SVM with latent variables Pedro Felzenszwalb won the PASCAL VOC
"Lifetime Achievement" Prize:

My project basically consist of 2 bigger parts:
 1) implement a basic latent svm solver: this part is actually almost done, just some code cleanup is required.
 2) extending the basic implementation to allow: 
      . .. structured output: for this i'll work together with Fernando, who's doing the SO framework GSoC
project of shogun. compare it with current implementations [1]
      . .. Max-Margin Min-Entropy Models as proposed in [2]
      . .. implement static interfaces for important application cases

all the code that's gonna be produced during this project is and will be available at:

::: as currently i'm mainly working with image classification problems, the example applications of the
module is going to be from this field. Thus, if you would like to apply it to problems from any other fields
(e.g. text processing), please contact me and i'll be more than happy to help as well as include it in
examples code!

::: apart from this and still part of the GSoC project i'll try to do a code refactoring, in collaboration
with Fernando and Michal, for a better integration of various QP solvers, focusing on libqp.

::: at last but not least, thanks a lot for the confidence and support for giving me the opportunity to work on
this project during this summer! i hope to see a lot of discussions about the future and further
improvement possibilities of shogun on IRC like in the last 1-2 weeks! 


[1] C.-N. Yu and T. Joachims, Learning Structural SVMs with Latent Variables, International Conference
on Machine Learning (ICML), 2009
[2] Kevin Miller, M. Pawan Kumar, Ben Packer, Danny Goodman, Daphne Koller, Max-Margin Min-Entropy
Models, JMLR W&CP 22: 779-787, 2012