GSoC Introduction - Various usability impovements

"Good news, everyone".

Hello, I'm Evgeniy Andreev, a second year undergraduate student at Samara State Aerospace with major in physics. My GSoC project is `Various usability impovements' and is mentored by Soeren Sonnenburg.

It means I would like realize many small and big cool things for Shogun. Very preliminary list contains:

- Reference counting for SGVector.
- Implement customizable SWIG interface classes (so called director classes [1]). It's making it possible to extend certain class methods using some interface language.
- Implement a better python integration, i.e. for cross-validation it is currently very complex to specify the parameter settings to try out. In addition, python since version 2.6 supports the python buffer protocol [2], which when implemented for e.g. shoguns CSimpleFeatures or Labels would enable accessing shogun objects like python numpy arrays (to a certain extend). python array protocol.
- Improve modular interfaces.
- Improve clang/llvm support [3].
- Implement automatic system to create a deb packages. It will speed up the distribution of the Shogun for Debian-like systems.

Great schedule, isn't it? But I think we have enough `power of berserk' for it.

Thank you for your trust.