Sergey Lisitsyn | 4 Apr 23:49 2013

Changes in the development workflow

Dear developers,

we are changing our development process model to the well-known "git flow" model. 

<at> committers: please do not commit and merge to the master branch starting from now.

To set up your environment for development please install git-flow first. In debian/ubuntu you may do that using basic apt-get. Then, run git flow init and select the "develop" branch as a branch for next release, "master" branch as a release branch and shogun_ as a version tag prefix. All the other prefixes should be set with their defaults. 

After that running git config -l | grep gitflow should produce the following lines:

If you made any mistake and your config got wrong - just run git flow init -f and fix it.

As an example of new workflow, to introduce a new feature use git flow start name_of_feature, a few git commit ... and finally git flow finish name_of_feature. After these steps you get all your commits from the feature/name_of_feature branch merged to the develop branch and the features/name_of_feature branch gets deleted. 

Please don't hesitate to ask in case of any questions.