Yves Dorfsman | 11 Jan 18:18 2007

Re: Verification returned code 589824

>> From searching on the web, it looks like "Verification returned code
>> 589824" means there is something wrong with my keytab. I can't generate
>> the keytab myself, I have the guys responsible for Active Directory do
>> it.
>> They've just re-generated a key for me, but I get the same result... How
>> can I tell for sure there is a problem (or not) with a key ?
>> What else should I look at ?
>  You should follow steps from this tutorial
>   http://www.grolmsnet.de/kerbtut/

I did (and again, Thanks Achim for this great piece of documentation).

Things have evolved a bit here:

-I got the ticket re-generated (the first version was bad)

-I re-compiled mod_auth_kerb 5.0rc7, because I have it running on another
server so I can compare apples with apples, and that is running fine.

-I re-compiled and re-installed auth_mod_kerb version 3.0, and I know
get the following error when I try to run it:

[error] [client] gss_accept_sec_context() failed: A token
was invalid (Mechanism is incorrect)

I'll be using 5.0rc7 for now, but I would like to get 5.3 working.

Yves Dorfsman                                             yves <at> zioup.com

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