Achim Grolms | 7 Dec 23:30 2004

Re: KDE Konqueror and SPNEGO

On Friday 03 December 2004 01:31, Achim Grolms wrote:

> I have read that Konqueror supports Kerberos, but it
> does not work for me 

OK,  Karsten K√ľnne helped me to get that working,
i have made a typo in my /etc/krb5.conf (shame on me...)

1. I have added the Konqueror Information to 
and <>

2. Daniel, i think it is a good idea to add the information
"Konqueror works with mod_auth_kerb" to
<> and to the READMEs of RC7.
Do you agree?

3. Karsten told me, that he has added a patch to Lynx browser that
makes Lynx using Kerberos authentication, too...
Someone here interested in using Lynx with mod_auth_kerb?

Thank you,

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