Foster, Lewis | 3 May 01:11 2012

mod_perl 2.0.6 binary for Windows

Can anyone on the list point me to where I can get a mod_perl binary for version 2.0.6 for 32 bit Windows? I’m working on resolving an issue where Apache crashes intermittently with the following error when the user cancels the submit or clicks another link after Apache has already started writing data back to their browser:


:Apache2 IO flush: (620018) APR does not understand this error code at -e line 0


From what I’ve been able to find when researching this, it appears that this issue has been tracked down and resolved in mod_perl 2.0.6.  We usually use PPM to install such things, but we haven’t been able to find anything newer than 2.0.4 available in any of the public repositories we are aware of (ActiveState, uwinnipeg, bribes, trouchelle). 


I’m working on compiling 2.0.6 myself (using Apache 2.2.22, ActiveState Perl 5.12.4, Windows Server 2003).  However, I’m leery of using a “home build” in anything besides a test environment, as this is the first time I’ve compiled a binary from scratch for Perl and it’s a large and complex package.  I’m following the instructions for compiling mod_perl for Win32, but if anyone has advice about how to do so successfully, I would appreciate that as well.