Luis Pablo Gasparotto | 1 Feb 02:25 2003

Re: Deciding on a setup for recording studio

tompoe <at> wrote:

> Hi:  Our group is making decisions about what hardware/software setup 
> we want for our network of community-based recording studios.
> It looks like ecasound should be a big part of that.  Here's what we 
> envision:
> lowest cost PC hardware
> good quality speakers
> good quality microphone
> software
> This would enable a community-based recording studio to be housed in a 
> single computer, enabling high-quality CD's, mp3's, audio/text, 
> graphics and images to be output in various formats.  Much like a 
> community-based media center.
> We have one computer right now that is:
> PIII 550
> 128Mb RAM
> Floppy
> 20GB hard drive
> RH8.0
> RH8 media tools
> Bcast2000
> ecasound
> Kover
> vnc for remote access
> HP 19" monitor
> keyboard
> mouse

Do you know tkeca? I think that it could be a good tool for you.

take a look at:


Luis Pablo

> Communities can then round up hardware, get RH8 from RH, and add apps, 
> and go.  What do you think?  What else will be needed to complete the 
> setup?  Any suggestions, recommendations, cautions, guffaws, welcome.
> The idea is to set the initial starting point, and get as many 
> communities around the world moving in one direction.  Hope to hear 
> from some of you experts.  Even better, join us, and volunteer 
> support, and we'll make sure community leaders know who you are.  
> Can't hurt.  And, there will be a whole lot of musicians and artists 
> that will be enormously grateful for your help.
> You can check us out at the web site below.  We are nonprofit.  All 
> services are free.  We are dedicated to replenishing our precious 
> Public Domain.
> Thanks,
> Tom Poe
> Open Studios
> Reno, NV

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