Richard Bown | 7 Jun 18:41 2002

ANNOUNCE: Rosegarden-4 v0.1.6 released

The Rosegarden development team announces the release of Rosegarden-4 v0.1.6,
a sequencer and musical notation editor for KDE2 and KDE3.  It supports the
ALSA 0.9 with JACK audio as well as the aRts sound system.

This is an alpha, development release and while not completely suitable for
end-users has some good functionality.

The project's homepage is at:

Improvements since last release include :

- experimental JACK audio driver with recording (not yet sync'd with
  ALSA output)
- audio previews on Segments (but still no audio file insertion GUI)
- new quantize dialog in notation view
- track name shown at start of staff in notation
- matrix now shows time signature changes correctly
- a few handy keyboard accelerators in notation view
- a couple of new notation marks (marcato, staccatissimo)
- first pass at Lilypond file export, courtesy of Hans
  Kieserman, and at Csound scorefile export
- internal string usage should be unicode-clean throughout
- many notation properties now view-local, ensuring better
  support for different layouts, sizes or smoothings in
  different views at the same time
- first pass at previews of contents of segments on main view,
  though not yet optimised enough to be usable
- new matrix tools (note move, note duration change)
- start of menu items state management
- rework of the configuration system


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