yvan volochine | 3 Jun 18:10 2011

Re: supercollider on emacs update

On 06/03/2011 04:55 PM, marinos@... wrote:
> I am using supercollider with emacs in os X 10.6
> but to be honest I do not recall how I set up everything in the first
> place - I do recall though that it was a bit tricky because lots of the
> information I found on the internet were outdated or misleading
> anyway,
> I just wanted to update to the most recent sc revision and I though of
> dropping a line prior to start googling again,
> obviously I have to compile using xcode and then


I just did it yesterday with the help of this page:
*but* I had to change a couple of stuffs to get it working (latest sc 
git on osx 10.5.8, cocoa emacs-23.3.1 and qt-4.7.1)

here are the steps I did (there might be some ways to make it easier but 
I had to hurry and I'm def not a mac specialist..):

- build with cmake and SC_EL=ON (scel will result in 
/usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp *but* not the rest, I dunno why, I 
asked on the dev list but so far, no answers. I guess it would make this 
boring process easier)
- put the resulting SuperCollider folder into /Applications (not sure why..)
- add /Applications/SuperCollider to the $PATH (via ~/.zshrc in my case)
- symlink libQtCollider.dylib, libscsynth.dylib, libscsynth.1.dylib and 
libscsynth.1.0.0.dylib from /Applications/SuperCollider to /usr/lib 
(otherwise sclang would not run, even setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH would not 
- verify it's working by running $ sclang -h
- create a folder ~/.sclang
- copy SCClassLibrary and plugins folders from 
/Applications/SuperCollider into ~/.sclang
- copy /Applications/SuperCollider/scsynth binary into ~/.sclang
- symlink /Applications/SuperCollider/sclang in /usr/bin (for some 
reasons I had to do this as well, otherwise emacs would complain sclang 
does not exists although it was fine to run it in a terminal)
- edit the startup method in 
~/.sclang/SCClassLibrary/Platform/osx/osxPlatform.sc (as explained in 
the link given above)
- copy scel/sc files into ~/.sclang/SCClassLibrary/Common/Emacs
- copy scel/el files into ~/.emacs.d/vendor/supercollider/el
- add the following to ~/.emacs:
(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/vendor/supercollider/el")
(require 'sclang)
   '(sclang-auto-scroll-post-buffer t)
   '(sclang-eval-line-forward nil)
   '(sclang-help-path (quote ("/Applications/SuperCollider/Help")))
   '(sclang-runtime-directory "~/.sclang/"))

some steps might be unecessary, some might not be done the best way but 
I have it running now with Qt on osx ;)
for the reasons stated above I didn't bother starting a WIKI (but that 
would be nice).

good luck !


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