Isak Savo | 10 Jul 21:31 2007

Re: autopackage 1.2.4 and apbuild 2.0.5 released

2007/7/10, Rykel <rykel98@...>:
> Hi Curtis and Isak,
> I resolved the problem on my own already... my apologies! I did not have
> autopackage-qt installed so the command simply stopped itself without
> removing all the other files before autopackage-qt...


> Having said that, I think that the command should have been intelligent
> enough to skip the autopackage-qt file which it could not find and proceed
> to remove the other two... but anyway, this is a Linux command line
> deficiency right? Not autopackage...?

Sounds to me that you are about to enter your first ticket? ;-)


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