Mike Melanson | 28 Mar 09:01 2012

Re: The right data for Embedded XZ?

On 3/27/2012 11:47 PM, g.esp@... wrote:
> I have used xzminidec code unchanged and --check=crc32 has to be used during compression with xz as this is
the onlyt crc supported by xzminidec.
> Depending of data to be compressed size, setting dictionary size on compression to the size of
uncompressed data help to minimize memory requirement on decompression.
> To create a floppy image, Lasse advised me to use xz --check=crc32 --lzma2=dict=2MiB,nice=273,depth=512

Thanks for the tips. I'm still having the same difficulty with these 
options, though (xz_dec_run() just returns XZ_DATA_ERROR).

Is xzminidec the same as Embedded XZ that I'm trying to use?


     -Mike Melanson