Antoine Martin | 21 Mar 16:58 2012

[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] xpra 0.1.0


This is the long awaited first major release, it contains a very large
number of significant bug fixes and improvements.
(please see release notes below)

As usual, the source can be found here:
And the binaries here:

Release details:
* security: strict filtering of packet handlers until connection
* prevent DoS: limit number of concurrent connections attempting login
* prevent DoS: limit initial packet size (memory exhaustion: 32KB)
* mmap: options to place sockets in /tmp and share mmap area across
users via unix groups
* remove large amount of compatiblity code for older versions
* fix for Mac OS X clients sending hexadecimal keysyms
* fix for clipboard sharing and some applications (ie: Qt)
* notifications systems with dbus: re-connect if needed
* notifications: try not to interfere with existing notification services
* mmap: check for protected file access and ignore rather than error
out (oops)
* clipboard: handle empty data rather than timing out
* spurious warnings: remove many harmless stacktraces/error messages
* detect and discard broken windows with invalid atoms, avoids vfb +
xpra crash
* unpress keys all keys on start (if any)
* fix screen size check: also check vertical size is sufficient
* fix for invisible 0 by 0 windows: restore a minimum size
* fix for window dimensions causing enless resizing or missing window
* toggle cursors, bell and notifications by telling the server not to
bother sending them, saves bandwidth
* build/deploy: don't modify file in source tree, generate it at build
time only
* add missing GPL2 license file to show in about dialog
* Python 2.5: workarounds to restore support
* turn off compression over local connections (when mmap is enabled)
* Android fixes: locking, maximize, focus, window placement, handle
rotation, partial non-soft keyboard support
* clients can specify maximum refresh rate and screen update batching