Kenny Meyer | 16 Oct 16:32 2010

Re: Repeating dates

Ruben Pollan (meskio@...) wrote:
> On 22:21, Thu 14 Oct 10, julius kolbe wrote:
> > Once again for the mailing list ^^
> :)
> > 
> > I thought about due dates where you can set an x instead for a number for example 17.10.20XX .
> > This would be the birthday of my grand-mother
> > But well it wouldn't possible to have tasks on a weekly period.
> I'll have to think about it. I'm not sure how to fit that into tudu. But maybe
> in the future I can try to do something for it.
> > 
> > But when it doesn't fit in the concept I should perhaps look for a which is also supposed to be a PIM ^^. Any
suggestions for a PIM on console app?
> I don't know any. Some years ago I searched for it and I didn't find anyone I
> liked.
> So, if you find something, please tell me. I'll like to know about it.

There's a PIM for console, called calcurse [1], which does a pretty good job as
a calendar, but sucks at being a TODO list.


In my opinion, tudu should do no more than now. Keep It Simple Stupid. :-)



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