Ruben Pollan | 5 Oct 13:43 2010

moving towards 0.8

There is two key points I want to make for the next release, configure script
for auto detect the system preferences and improve the categories.

I been working on the first one for the last week and so. I created a configure
script using ACR (, it auto detect where
curses is installed and some few more things.

The script is automatically generated from the configure.acr, but I keep it on
the repositories so the developers don't need to have ACR installed. The script
is generated with the ACR from mercurial, the last released version is missing
some proper support for C++.

The second thing I want to improve in tudu is the categories. Right now a task
can be only in one category (or none) and the categories are maximum 7
characters long. I would like to remove this two limitations, making possible to
have categories as long as you wish and adding the possibility to have one task
in more than one category.

But I'm not sure how the interface should look like. So if you have some ideas
I'll love to hear them.

I'm thinking maybe on making some commands like :addcategory, :rmcategory, ...
to edit the category list of the selected task. I don't know if is better to
keep the category display like is now, showing only one category of the task; or
create a new window to show all the categories of the task; or a new window to
show the categories that are displayed with different color for the ones that
the task has. I don't know how I would like it.


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