Re: moving towards 0.8

On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 1:43 PM, Ruben Pollan wrote:

> There is two key points I want to make for the next release, configure script
> for auto detect the system preferences and improve the categories.
> I been working on the first one for the last week and so. I created a configure
> script using ACR (http://www.nopcode.org/wk.php/Acr), it auto detect where
> curses is installed and some few more things.
> The script is automatically generated from the configure.acr, but I keep it on
> the repositories so the developers don't need to have ACR installed. The script
> is generated with the ACR from mercurial, the last released version is missing
> some proper support for C++.

Never heard of ACR. I guess it's simpler than old good Autoconf.

> The second thing I want to improve in tudu is the categories. Right now a task
> can be only in one category (or none) and the categories are maximum 7
> characters long. I would like to remove this two limitations, making possible to
> have categories as long as you wish and adding the possibility to have one task
> in more than one category.
> But I'm not sure how the interface should look like. So if you have some ideas
> I'll love to hear them.
> I'm thinking maybe on making some commands like :addcategory, :rmcategory, ...
> to edit the category list of the selected task. I don't know if is better to
> keep the category display like is now, showing only one category of the task; or
> create a new window to show all the categories of the task; or a new window to
> show the categories that are displayed with different color for the ones that
> the task has. I don't know how I would like it.

I can tell you how I would like it:
I don't actually care about how the categories will look like in the
main screen (showing just one per task, or all of them in a new panel,
are equally fine for me).

What I would actually like is being able to filter per category. That
is, to get *only* the tasks in a given category (#work, #home,
#delegated, or whatever). Such a feature could be quite useful.



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