Re: moving towards 0.8

2010/10/5 Ruben Pollan:

>> Never heard of ACR. I guess it's simpler than old good Autoconf.
> Yes, I don't like much the complexity of autoconf. I think it don't make sense
> in a small project like tudu. But I like the idea of a configure script, I don't
> like CMake or SConf because you have to have installed another tool more in your
> system. The one I liked more of the ones I try is ACR, is pretty simple.

I understand your choice, hope this tool will be kept maintained in the future.

>> What I would actually like is being able to filter per category. That
>> is, to get *only* the tasks in a given category (#work, #home,
>> #delegated, or whatever). Such a feature could be quite useful.
> This feature already exist. It's documented on the man page, on the section

Gosh. After writing the manpage myself, I managed to forget about this
/me needs a new brain :(


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