Marc Paré | 7 Apr 03:09 2012

LibreOffice version offerings of the Download page

Hi everyone,

There was some talk recently and, also a while ago, about the Download 
page and which version(s) should be offered by default of the page. I 
think we should revisit the logic of this page.

We are presently suggesting and offering visitors to the site the 
default of our "most recent version" of LibreOffice. While this is great 
for larger feedback results for de-bugging it does not necessarily 
present a good choice for those looking for a stable, solid and reliable 
document application for their work or office deployment.

Although some other software packages offer their product on a release 
cycle much like ours - most notably the Mozilla group - our product is 
unique in that LibreOffice is in many cases used by groups or 
individuals where the resulting end-user document(s) are clearly 
dependent on the use of a quality-assured application. In short, an 
application that does not add any formatting error to the end product.

While any deployment of LibreOffice would sensibly involve advanced 
planning where the weight of using the "most recent version" as opposed 
to a more seemingly "solid previous version" (this, hopefully the norm), 
I do not believe that we are giving enough warning to individual users 
of the risks behind using our "most recent version" as opposed to an 
earlier "solid performing version". I believe that such a warning should 
appear on our Download page.

I would then propose the following minimal changes to the Download page 
in order to address this issue:

Rework the sentence: "LibreOffice Linux - rpm (x86_64), version 3.5.2, 
English (US). Not the version you wanted? Change System, Version or 
Language" which seems to span/draw the equivalent of 2 lines on users' 
monitors to:

"LibreOffice Linux - rpm (x86_64), most recent version 3.5.2, English 
(US). Not the version you wanted? Change System, Previous Stable Version 
or Language (Release Notes Details)" <--- the "Release Notes Details 
would link to the page

This should still keep sentence to 2 lines on the users' monitors and, 
at the very least, allow users time to reflect of their choice of 
versions before hitting the default download buttons.

I believe this would show a more responsible use of our Download page by 
giving warning to users of their choice of versions by giving them 
notice of the differences of versions and their scale of reliability.




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