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Re: QSAM file close and Storage Compressed ++++++

 From the friendly manual, which you should have read, of course, before 
posting to the wrong group.  See especially the section on return code 3, 
which I have marked with =============

IEC020I 001-rc,mod,jjj, sss,ddname[-#],dev,ser,dsname

Explanation: The preceding line is followed by one of the lines:
A 001 system completion code was issued for the step of the job for one of 
the following reasons:
If the return code is 0, the logical record length and blocksize specified 
in the data control block (DCB) or DD statement differ from the logical 
record length and blocksize indicated in the data set.
If the return code is 1, an I/O error occurred during BDAM, BSAM, BISAM, 
QSAM, QISAM, or BPAM and no SYNAD exit was specified by the user. For BSAM, 
one of the following conditions might be true:
RECFM=U was specified on the DCB macro instruction, but no logical record 
length was specified.
A write was attempted to a data set that was opened for input.
A read was attempted to a data set that was opened for output.
For concatenated data sets, some data set in the concatenation has 
attributes that are different than the attributes of the first data set in 
the concatenation. For example, some data set may have a different blocksize 
than the first data set.
If the return code is 2, an error was encountered while attempting to close 
the data set.

If the return code is 3, for QSAM, an unacceptable error occurred because of 
one of the following:

You are running z/OS 1.4 on an emulator that has not been certified by IBM. 
  You have not provided a HRCOPT00 member in SYS1.PARMLIB containing the 
INTEG keyword.

Because of this, data integrity cannot be guaranteed.

see below at **************

The caller returned from the SYNAD.
The caller did not provide a SYNAD.
Look at the input/output block (IOB) to determine why the error was 
unacceptable to QSAM.

If the return code is 4, for QSAM, ABE or an incorrect value for EROPT 
parameter in the DCB and/or no error handling (SYNAD) exit was specified.

If the return code is 5, for QSAM, a GET was issued after end-of-file.
Other conditions that cause this message are:
CLOSE processing called end-of-volume (EOV), and EOV processing detected an 
out-of-space condition.
The POINT macro instruction was issued with an incorrect value for the 
relative track address (TTRz).
A hardware error has occurred. Message IEA000I is also issued.
In the message text:
ddname[-#] DDname (followed by a concatenation number if it is part of a 
concatenation and not the first DD statement in the concatenation).
dev The device number.
ser The serial number of the volume.
dsname The data set name.
rc The return code.
mod The name of the module.
jjj The job name.
sss The step name.
For concatenated data sets, dsname is the name of the first data set in the 
concatenation and is not necessarily the data set causing the error.
The unit address, volume serial number, and data set name fields do not 
appear in the message text when it applies to a subsystem data set, such as 
System Action: A WTP message is issued to give the ABEND and return codes, 
pertinent control blocks are recorded on the GTF data set, and the job 
abnormally ends.
Application Programmer Response: Correct any errors that caused the abnormal 
end. Then run the job step again. Corrective procedures for the problems 
mentioned above are as follows:

If you were running the operating system on a non-certified emulator, the OS 
is now broken.  You must return the ieces to IBM for repair.  The repair 
will not be free of charge

If no error analysis routine was available, specify the address of a SYNAD 
routine in the SYNAD operand of the DCB macro instruction.
If the EROPT parameter in the DCB is incorrect, correct the value of the 
EROPT operand in the DCB macro instruction or in the DCB subparameter of the 
appropriate DD statement. If desired, specify the ACC or SKP option for the 
EROPT operand. Be sure the problem program does not issue a GET macro 
instruction after an end-of-data condition.
If an out-of-space condition was detected, change the JCL SPACE parameter in 
the DD statement for the data set to specify a larger primary quantity or 
add a secondary quantity.
If the logical record length and/or blocksize is incorrect, correct the 
value of LRECL and/or BLKSIZE in the DCB macro instruction or in the DCB 
subparameter of the DD statement.
If the POINT macro instruction is incorrect, correct the relative track 
address operand.
If a hardware error has occurred, see the explanation of the accompanying 
IEA000I error message.
System Programmer Response: If the error recurs and the program is not in 
error, look at the messages in the job log for more information. Search 
problem reporting data bases for a fix for the problem. If no fix exists, 
contact the IBM Support Center. Provide the JCL. Source: DFSMSdfp
Detecting Module: IGG019DN, IFG0551D, IFG0554T, IGC0005E, IGG019JC, 

CarozoDeQuilmes said the following on 11/29/2005 09:17 PM:
> Hi, sorry by my bad english, I'm speaking spanish.
> When I run a JCL with temporary QSAM files I get the followed error, this
> occurs in random place of JCL:
> *IEC020I 001-3,USR01X,CNTLCAL,CMNLST10,0953,STG003,
> IEC020I SYS05332.T103331.RA000.USR01X.LIST10.H01
>  TIME=10.35.10  SEQ=00238  CPU=0000  ASID=002A
>  PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  075C1000   00D9F2FA  ILC 2  INTC 0D
>    DATA AT PSW  00D9F2F4 - 00181610  0A0D9540  60004770
>    AR/GR 0: 80C35C68/84000000   1: 00000000/84001000
>          2: 00000000/00879F7E   3: 00000000/00D9EE5A
>          4: 00000000/00879228   5: 00000000/00879250
>          6: 00000000/00879230   7: 00000000/00879F48
>          8: 00000000/008FD6B8   9: 00000000/008920A0
>          A: 00000000/50F2DA90   B: 00000000/0087908C
>          C: 00000000/008793EC   D: 00000000/0002B510
>          E: 00000000/00D9F202   F: 00000000/00000003
> The error refer about a *end of volume* when the *QSAM file is close*.
> I' run with COMPRESSED disk 3390-3 for storage into Jes2 of Z/OS 1.4 with
> Hercules 3.2 and Cygwin.
> When I run without COMPRESSED storage the JCL work fine !!!!!!! (but my
> space is limited)
> Any idea ?????
> Thanks
> Fernando
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