Anthony Liguori | 16 Feb 00:31 2013

[ANNOUNCE] QEMU 1.4.0 release


On behalf of the QEMU Team, I'd like to announce the availability of the
QEMU 1.4 release!

Even though this was our shortest release cycle in the history of the
project, this release contains almost 1400 changesets from 116 unique

Major features include:

* block: experimental threaded backend for virtio-blk-pci achieving up
  to a 900% increase in IOP rate on very large storage devices.

* migration: threaded live migration, improving latency in other parts
  of QEMU and throughput of migration itself

* usb: usb-tablet can be connected as an USB 2.0 device, lowering the CPU
  usage substantially

* usb: improved support for pass-through of USB serial devices

* virtio-net: added support supports multiqueue operation

* s390: new virtio-ccw machine and transport support

* x86: experimental AHCI migration support and support for device
  assignment for the q35 chipset

* qmp: support for hotplugging character devices

And more...

See the ChangeLog on the wiki for a full changelog:

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this release by submitting
patches, testing out -rcs, or reporting bugs during the release process!


Anthony Liguori