James Rich | 8 May 23:53 2009

Re: TN5250 Crash After Paste (Vista)

On Fri, 8 May 2009, Scott Klement wrote:

> By all means, try that...  enable the trace function and see if you can
> replicate it.  It *might* help, though I don't know that there's
> sufficient info in the trace file to help me debug a problem like this.
> However, I don't have access to a Vista machine.  So even if I think I
> find the solution, I'm not sure how I could tell that my solution worked.

I have access to windows vista on my laptop and if you hold a gun to my 
head I'd be willing to boot it instead of my normal linux (though it does 
play a cool recording of a Ferrari Formula 1 car screaming by when you 
turn it on).  What I don't have is compilers or any dev tools on it.  If I 
can be helpful in tracking this down given those limitations I'd be happy 
to help.

James Rich

if you want to understand why that is, there are many good books on
the design of operating systems. please pass them along to redmond
when you're done reading them :)
 	- Paul Davis on ardour-dev

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