Jeffrey Altman | 30 Jan 17:20 2013

Re: IP address changes

IP addresses are stored in CellServDB files on the clients and in the
memory of the AFS client cache managers.  Cache managers will never
forget an IP/port once they begin talking to it.  A restart is necessary
to make them forget.

If aklog or vos is using old addresses it means that the client's
CellServDB information is out of date.   Or that the equivalent data in
DNS AFSDB or DNS SRV records was not updated.

On 1/30/2013 11:12 AM, Antony Mayi wrote:
> Hi,
> I've done major network redesign changing all IP addressing. I've only
> changed the IP addresses in /usr/afs/etc/CellServDB (servers)
> and /usr/vice/etc/CellServDB.local (clients). I unfortunately didn't
> follow any of the '*vos changeaddr*' mentioned in doc but now '*vos
> listaddrs*' on any of the DB servers doesn't show any of the old IPs so
> can't run the changeaddr anymore.
> All AFS seems to be working fine but in some cases some operations (ie.
> aklog, vos xyz, etc.) just hang (random clients, random time, no common
> pattern). When stracing this I can see it still tries to use the old IP
> addresses.
> What do I need to do to let AFS forget about the old IPs? What and where
> is caching the old IPs?
> thanks,
> Antony.

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