Martin Javorek | 19 Jan 15:00 2012

OFX import in KmyMoney

Hi all,

I'm playing a little bit with KMyMoney software which is using libofx library for parsing OFX files. There
is a problem regarding parsing OFX version 2 file and KMyMoney developers send me to this forum. 

Original post:
Whole thread:
(not too long)

The problem is with character encoding. Even the OFX version 2 (XML file) has proper headers set to UTF-8,
KMyMoney imports it in UTF-8 only if the file has textual headers before <?xml> tag similar to OFX version

I'm not a OFX guru, I have read the spec only for a while, but I cannot imagine, how to work with XML file, which
has those special headers. How to validate that file against XSD or anything else. It looks for me a little
bit strange.

Thanks a lot for any info :-)


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