UD-160-A happily working

hi folks,

many thanks to bernie, i now have a UD-160-A working on my laptop.  as
i run debian, i instantly encountered the usb hid issue, and will at
some point have to reboot the laptop: i can't now unplug the UD  oh
well, i have a screen - just not the laptop's one :)

i'm badgering phil hands to bring his openmoko round this weekend, and
i've ordered an IGEP-v2 - status reports on each as-and-when.  the
openmoko phil has installed debian (not emdebian, not ubuntu, not
openmoko - actual debian-arm) and so, for various innocuous repeated
installs of software he's accidentally and conveniently ended up with
a full development environment (build-essential) on the openmoko :)
upshot is: it will be dead easy to put libldo, the displaylink_mod and
the xf86 driver onto the openmoko.

likewise for the IGEP-v2 i'm getting their ubuntu 2G flash image (but
i don't have a DVI screen argh) and so, not knowing _exactly_ what's
on it i do anticipate at least being able to build the displaylink
drivers directly on it.  but, that's going to take a good couple of
weeks for the board to arrive etc.

overall i'm just really excited by the prospect of turning
sheevaplugs, ARM Cortex boards and smartphones into fully-functioning
desktop systems, simply by plugging in these low-cost devices.

next on the list is a DoubleSight DS-90U, but that's still being
shipped.  i'll keep the list posted on progress: that device _should_
just work out-of-the-box but it will need deliberate exclusion from
the usbseat udev rules (and special alternatives written for it
instead) because the DS-90U is just a USB-powered monitor.

smartphones powerful enough to be desktop systems.  technology just
got very cool again.  love it.