Jeff Breidenbach | 19 Mar 13:42 2007

Re: New patch for player shape introducing styles

> - It'd be nice to customize your "avatar" a bit.  Setting skin colour
>   and other features is one way to do it, but we might as well send a
>   pixmap (or vector description).

The need for a custom icon (or avatar) comes up all the time, ranging 
from various computer games to email messages. For example, if you look 
at you will see that each message has some sort of symbol and 
attached. For example, an message might show the university 
emblem. And I think gmail allows photos to be uploaded, and I think the 
various instant messaging services allow the same. While no open icon 
system seems utterly dominent yet, I still think it might be fun to hook 
into one or more of the existing personal icon infrastructures rather 
than developing something specific and limited to Pioneers.

Disclaimer: I help run, which is in a similar arena to So I'm interested in this topic from multiple angles.

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