Sébastien Granjoux | 24 May 12:51 2009

Fix breakpoints when several source files have the same name

Hi All,

There is in gdb 6.8 a new bug that makes breakpoints inserted at the 
wrong place when a program has several files with the same base name (in 
different directories).

In some place, gdb checks only the base name of the file and so doesn't 
find the right place for the breakpoints.

I have opened a bug report about this here:

I have found it using the mi interface but it appears in the same way 
with the other commands.

Here is a fix attached for this bug. It checks if a full name is 
available and if yes uses it instead of comparing only the base name.



2009-05-24  Sebastien Granjoux <seb.sfo <at> free.fr>

	PR mi/9583:
	* symtab.c (find_line_symtab): Use full filename if available
Attachment (fix_9583.diff): text/x-patch, 1323 bytes