Olivier Courtin | 14 Nov 01:55 2012

TinyOWS 1.1.0 release

Hi all,

The 1.1.0 TinyOWS version is out.

From 1.0.0 release the key point was to bugfixe, to improve again performances
and strict OGC standard implementation, and few userland improvements
on config file.

1.1.0 Changelog:
 - Add include_items and exclude_items config handling. To choose exactly which columns to retrieve (Serge Dikiy)
 - XSD max length and enumeration constraint handling (Serge Dikiy & Alan Boudreault)
 - First real support of typename namespace provided in request (Olivier Courtin)
 - Generate PK value using PostgresSQL DEFAULT value if present (Serge Dikiy) 
 - Add pkey configuration in layer config. Usefull for instance when retrieving data from a VIEW. (Serge Dikiy)
 - Buffer copy performance improve (Serge Dikiy)
 - Rewrite/fix max features handling (Olivier Courtin)
 - Extent layer's properties allowed to inherit (Olivier Courtin)
 - Several bugfixes as usual (special thanks to Andreas Peri, Serge Dikiy and Jukka Rahkonen for detailled reports) 

Documentation was also refresh, including the OpenLayers HowTo.


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