Frederic Peters | 15 Oct 11:13 2013

3.10.1 coming up!

Hey all,

It was not announced with the usual template but we need your tarballs
for 3.10.1, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> After catching our breath for a while, and enjoying 3.10.0, now it is time
> to put out a 3.10.1 release to fix annoyances and bugs that have come up
> since 3.10.0. I have marked a few bugs as candidates for fixes to include
> in 3.10.1 - I hesitate to call them blockers, since many of them are not
> that serious. But still, it would be nice to fix some of these before
> rolling the 3.10.1 tarballs next Monday.

So go for it, and let's make it shine.