Andreas Nilsson | 21 Jun 18:33 2011

Karen Sandler Named New Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation

Dear Foundation members.

It's my pleasure to announce that the board have decided to hire Karen 
Sandler as the new Executive Director.
Karen joins GNOME from the Software Freedom Law Center where she has 
been General Counsel, advising a wide range of free and open source 
software organizations

Karen's dedication to software freedom, her non-profits experience and 
her involvement in a wide range of free and open source software 
communities distinguish her as the logical choice for GNOME.

Karen will have a wide range of responsibilities at the Foundation, 
including strengthening and growing our infrastructure, working with the 
Board of Directors, Advisory Board members, GNOME Foundation members and 
other GNOME supporters to create an awesome free and open source desktop 
that is easy to use and provide a strong development platform, and 
accelerating the adoption of GNOME and strengthening the Foundation by 
attracting new industry members and community contributors.

You can read a full press release here:

- Andreas Nilsson, on behalf of the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors