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Meeting Minutes Published - November 29, 2011

Wiki: https://live.gnome.org/FoundationBoard/Minutes/20111129 

= Minutes for Meeting of November 29 =

== Next Meeting ==

 December 13, 2011

== Attending ==

 * Brian Cameron
 * Emmanuele Bassi
 * Karen Sandler
 * Ryan Lortie
 * Rosanna Yuen
 * Shaun !McCance

=== Regrets ===

 * Bastien Nocera 
 * Germán Póo-Caamaño
 * Stormy Peters

=== Missing ===

== Board Meeting Agenda ==

 * Flattr
   * Is the board agreeable to work with Flattr even though they will not provide "charitable" status (ie: no fees)?
   * Karen is suggesting Flattr to update their FAQ.
   * Potential for other form of compensation over fees (e.g. vouchers).
   * Approved vote for working with Flattr: +1 from Brian, Bastien, Ryan, Emmanuele.

 * Q3 Report
   * https://live.gnome.org/GnomeMarketing/QuarterlyReports/2011/Q3
   * Can someone on the board provide an update?
   * One was not provided from the board in the last report.
   * '''ACTION''': Karen to provide a Q3 Report update from the Board and from the ED for the board to review

 * World of GNOME
   * Next steps now that they have announced a change in direction?
     * https://mail.gnome.org/archives/marketing-list/2011-November/msg00048.html
   * We should remind them about the trademark policy.
   * Wait and avoid coming out too strong on the new direction of the website.
     * Vote: Unanimous.
   * '''ACTION''': Karen to send a reply to the World of GNOME organizers.

 * ED autonomy
   * The GNOME Board is more hands on than other boards.
   * The ED could take on more tasks without involving the board.
   * It's hard to predict where the involvement of the board is warranted.
   * Proposal: when warranted, send a draft of action to the board list, and wait for feedback.

 * Events
   * Desktop Summit.
     * Next Steps.
     * Ryan talked to KDE representatives.
     * KDE members likes the idea of a smaller, focused event.
     * Not at expense of the bigger event.
     * Potential to attach a "mini-collaboration summit" to an existing event.
     * Proposal from the IRC meeting: open the floor for a discussion on foundation-list.
     * '''ACTION''': Brian will send a draft for the foundation-list email about the Desktop Summit stances and
proposals to board-list.
   * Hackfests
     * https://live.gnome.org/Hackfests
     * There are only two Hackfests planned (Docs and GTK+ at Brno).  There should be others like a11y, Marketing, etc.
     * a11y and marketing decided not to have a hackfest in Brno.
     * Proposals?
       * Usability hackfest.
       * Sysadmin hackfest.

 * !FreeWear provided a report that The GNOME Foundation has made 6 euros in October and 32.40 euros since
February.  Should we continue to provide this information to the GNOME Foundation community by just
reporting the updates in the minutes? Perhaps we should make other arrangements that are more sensible
for the future, like ask them to instead give t-shirts to people in Brazil who might be able to use them at events.
   * Mention the !FreeWear report once a year.
   * During AGM.

 * Friends of GNOME
   * Accessibility campaign planning.
   * Karen contacted the web team for the website (progress bar).
     * The number suggested by A11y was 40,000 USD, which seems too high.
     * Target: 25/30k USD.
     * How do we consider monthly/yearly subscriptions?
     * Should we have a way for donations to be directed to specific funds?
     * Define a minimum/maximum amount of time for recurring subscriptions to be directed to the campaign.
   * Karen contacted some journalists for a press coverage.
     * LWN
   * IBM responded negatively for a donation.
   * Mention the campaign to the FSF.

 * Annual Report
   * We are approaching the end of the year and we should be nearing completion.
   * This task seems to need more effort driving it to success.
   * '''ACTION''': Brian will lead the discussion for the Annual report on the marketing list.

== Completed Actions ==

 * Karen - will go through the stats sent to the board list and prep them for publishing them. (email sent to Shaun)
 * Karen - to follow up with Vincent about the Google Code In 
 * Karen - to contact Emily Chen about the state of GNOME.asia
 * Karen - to contact Simon Phipps about the OSI membership
 * Karen - to draft a summary and proposal for the Oracle advisory fee and send it to the board-list to get an
official vote.
 * Karen - to draft a reply to the website owners, and send it to board-list. (new site proposal)

== Status of action items ==

 * Bastien - To contact the BBC to discuss about possible collaboration in working directly with GNOME.
 * Bastien - Reach out to the GNOME Advisory Board via email to see if they can help out with providing contacts
at Yahoo.
 * Brian - Develop trademark usage forms for common use cases. James Vasile from legal is working with Brian
on this.
 * Brian - Check records of organizations with existing contracts to use the GNOME trademark. Taken over
from Vincent Untz. Look at the archives in 2005 and try to determine which companies can use the GNOME
trademark. Know what kind of contracts we had with them.  Taken over from Jorge.
 * Brian - Will touch base with the GIMP organizers to find out their plans for the GIMP money.
 * Brian - To coordinate a fund raising meeting with the GStreamer, a11y, GIMP, and Banshee teams.  Will draft
an agenda.
 * Brian - Follow up with getting Alan Day and Sumana Harihareswara to sign the Copyright Assessment from SFLC.
 * Emmanuele - Will send an email to board-list to start the discussion on PGO policy and editorial control.
 * Germán - Will continue the discussion with Frédéric about the Gitorious instance on gnome.org.
Touched based with Frédéric on Sep 30, we will elaborate more on his proposal once he has more time.
 * Germán - To inform the local GUADEC 2010 organization the decision to make final payment to cover
remaining costs.  Touched based with Reinount and Vincent.  There was a misunderstanding with respect to
Koen & Sanne working hours, we need to discuss it again.  Everything is fine.
 * Germán - To get in touch with Daniel to work on the Annual Report.
 * Karen - Will follow up with CiviCRM contract.
   * After some tracking down of the status of the communications, cedwards sent email to get discussions with
Claudian moving again.
 * Karen - Will follow up with !LojaGeek. 
   * Emailed, so far no response.
 * Karen - To look into Google Checkout as an annual payment option for FoG.
 * Karen - Will work with Gil Forcada from guifi.net and gnome-marketing to define the best way for
organizations like guifi.net to participate in the GNOME community. Not many replies from the
community. Diego Urrelo will draft something more concrete for gnome-marketing to determine the best
name and process for managing this. There was a discussion on the mailing list and a few good ideas, Diego
will wrap them up and send them again for further comments.  Will follow-up with Board to read the Advisory
Board fees for small businesses proposal, ask for feedback and set a date to vote by.
   * Have been in touch with Gil
 * Karen - To finish the Privacy Policy, get review from James Vasile, etc.
 * Karen - Will follow up with John and get more information about GNU Mobile.
 * Karen - To contact Pockey and negotiate the details and the salary.
 * Rosanna - Automate the process of entering !PayPal information into !GnuCash.
 * Rosanna - Will apply for the GNOME credit card.
 * Ryan - Figure out what's going on with the GTK hackfest
 * Ryan - To look into running a survey for foundation members about the Desktop Summit. 
 * Ryan - Will contact Canonical for a quote for the release notes.
 * Ryan - To communicate with the a11y team the decisions of the board on their contract work proposal.
 * Ryan - To send a new draft of the email to the A11Y team about their contract proposal to board-list.
 * Ryan - To contact Alberto about sending mail to affected bloggers due to changes in PGO editorial policy.
 * Shaun - will post the IRC meeting minutes.
 * Shaun - Will lead the GNOME Foundation IRC meetings.
 * Shaun - To contact Dave Neary and Ekaterina Gerasimova to get a list of attendees to get feedback for the
 * Shaun - To help out extracting the GNOME respondents of Describe FoundationBoard/Minutes/20111115
here.the Desktop Summit survey.
 * Shaun - To contact the previous editors of the Annual Report to gather a better picture of how to move forward.
 * Shaun - To organize the next GNOME Foundation IRC meeting.
 * Stormy - will send an email to GWOP interns to attend the Grace Hopper Conference.
 * Stormy - Take care of !GnuCash automation.  Taken over from Paul & Behdad.
 * Stormy - to ask LWN if they can automate it with gnome.org addresses
 * All board members - To review and comment Brian's April 14th proposal regarding better organizing
earmarked fundraising.

=== New Action Items ===

 * Brian - Will lead the discussion for the Annual report on the marketing list.
 * Karen - To provide a Q3 Report update from the Board and from the ED for the board to review.
 * Karen - To send a reply to the World of GNOME organizers.

== Discussed on the mailing list ==

 * New Foundation Members
   * http://blogs.gnome.org/foundation/2011/11/18/new-foundation-members/

 * Discussion about whether to move ahead with using Flattr even though they do not provide charitable
status to FOSS projects.
   * +1 from Brian, Bastien. 

 * The board decided to approve an additional candidate for the Womens Outreach Program.
   * +1 from Brian, Stormy, Germán, Shaun. 
   * Shaun emailed Marina to notify the program about the approval.
   * Marina provided a press release that she wrote with Karen.
   * http://www.gnome.org/news/2011/11/gnome-outreach-program-for-women-participants-continue-to-impress/

 * Events
   * GUADEC 2012 
     * Discussion with the organizers about putting together a sponsorship brochure.
     * Planning meetings on the 21st and 28th.
       * https://live.gnome.org/GUADEC/GUADEC-2011-1121
       * https://live.gnome.org/GUADEC/GUADEC-2011-1128
   * Accessibility of the libre! workstation
     * http://etsiit.ugr.es/pages/tablon/*/noticias-etsiit/2011/11/25/jornada-de-accesibilidad-en-el-puesto-informatico-libre
     * José Félix Ontañon notified the board about this FOSS accessibility event being held in Granada
(Spain) on November 30, 2011.
       * Alejandro Leiva, Alejandro Pinheiro, and Javier Hernández from the GNOME a11y team will be
participating on the panel.
       * The program is as follows:
         * 10:00 to 10:30 Opening.
         * 10:30 to 11:30 Panel 1: State of the art of the free accessibility
         * 11:30 to 12:00 Coffee break
         * 12:00 to 13:00 Panel 2: Successful deployments of free accessibility
         * 1:00pm to 2:00pm Panel 3: Room for improvements
         * 2:00pm to 3:00pm Lunch
         * 3:00pm to 6:00pm Worktable 1: A successful case study
         * 3:00pm to 6:00pm Worktable 2: free accessibility swot
         * 6:00pm to 6:30pm Closing.
   * Brno Hackfests
     * Jiří Eischmann is discussing with the board the possibility of acquiring additional space for
hackfests, if needed.

 * Haikel Guemar requested 292€ to cover expenses relating to using the EU event box on the behalf of the
GNOME booth at JDLL 2011 (http://jdll.org) which was held from 18th to 19th November.
 * Discussion with Andrea Veri about improving the GNOME Foundation website.
 * Bastien responded to Marcos Diaz's email regarding his questions about the Nathive image editor
possibly becoming a GNOME project.
 * Discussion about World of GNOME in light of their recent change of direction.
   * http://worldofgnome.org/
   * https://mail.gnome.org/archives/marketing-list/2011-November/msg00048.html
 * Discussion about preparing the Q3 report.
   * https://live.gnome.org/GnomeMarketing/QuarterlyReports/2011/Q3
 * Status of sysadmin team.


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