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From: Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi <at> gmail.com>
Subject: Minutes of the Board Meeting - 2012-05-15
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.gnome.foundation.announce
Date: Tuesday 29th May 2012 12:53:00 UTC (over 5 years ago)
Link: https://live.gnome.org/FoundationBoard/Minutes/20120515

= Minutes for Meeting of May 15, 2012 =

== Next Meeting ==

 May 29, 2012

== Attending ==

 * Bastien Nocera 
 * Brian Cameron
 * Emmanuele Bassi
 * Germán Póo-Caamaño
 * Rosanna Yuen
 * Shaun !McCance
 * Stormy Peters

=== Regrets ===

 * Karen Sandler (holiday)

=== Missing ===

 * Ryan Lortie

== Board Meeting Agenda ==

 * Process
   * Discussing what to do about ACL on Wiki for old board members.
     * Germán and Brian both responded that Karen's suggested draft was
   * Emeritus status for past Foundation Members.
     * Andrea Veri put together the following proposal: https://live.gnome.org/MembershipCommittee/EmeritusMembers
     * What is the purpose for such a status?
       * Basic membership benefits: keep their blog, email address on
       * Non-voting status.
       * Aggregation on PGO? Travel?
         * Aggregation and travel approval should be deferred to editorial
control of PGO and travel team.
       * Maintaining some of the perks of being a foundation member.
       * Eligibility: former foundation members unable to renew their
     * '''ACTION''': Shaun - To start a discussion with Andrea about the
Emeritus status.

 * Elections
   * https://mail.gnome.org/archives/foundation-list/2012-April/msg00015.html
   * List of candidates opened May 7th.
   * Only 1 person has stepped up so far, David Nielsen.
     * https://mail.gnome.org/archives/foundation-announce/2012-May/msg00000.html
   * What can we do to encourage more people to step up?
     * Usually people send candidacies at the very last minute.
     * Personally reach out to possible candidates.

 * Financial and Annual Report.
   * We have now passed the Annual Report deadline.
   * Is the Financial section of the Annual Report yet done?
   * Karen and Shaun reviewed the initial draft.
   * New draft in progress.
   * '''ACTION''': Shaun - To finish the Financial section of the Annual
Report before the end of the week (week 20).

 * Events
   * GUADEC 2012
     * Travel Budget.
       * The GNOME Foundation announced they are accepting travel
assistance applications to attend GUADEC 2012.
       * https://mail.gnome.org/archives/foundation-list/2012-May/msg00003.html
       * Still receiving travel requests, window closes tomorrow
       * After last travel request has been filed, we can have a proper
picture of the travel budget.
     * Need to plan board and advisory board meetings @ GUADEC 2012.
   * GNOME.Asia
     * Call for Papers announced:
     * https://mail.gnome.org/archives/foundation-list/2012-April/msg00005.html
     * The venue is confirmed and no longer in doubt.
     * Are travel budget decisions needed?
     * Waiting for organizers to communicate with the travel team.
     * '''ACTION''': Brian - To communicate with the GNOME.Asia organizers
to have a list of attendees that require travel assistance.
   * GNOME 3.4 party in Peru
     * Julita Inca Chiroque requested $400 to have a GNOME 3.4 party in
       * Brian, Stormy, Shaun, Emmanuele, Germán gave a +1.  Need to
finish the vote.
       * '''ACTION''': Germán - To let Julita know that the expense for
the GNOME 3.4 party in Peru has been approved.
   * The GNOME and Mono Festival of Love 2012
     * Anything more to do.
     * Was the letter for the visa sent out?
     * David Nielsen asked for an early reimbursement for his travel
request to the Mono hackfest
       * Requirements: receipt and attendance.
       * Unanimous, approved.

 * Tomboy 
   * Adam Lechowicz asked if there is a need for a Tomboy replacement.
   * How should we respond?
     * Bastien answered pointing to upstream design, and d-d-l

 * Friends of GNOME a11y Campaign
   * Update
   * This week:        $15,993
   * Two weeks ago:    $15,297 - only $4,803 to go
   * Four weeks ago:   $14,605 - $5,395 to go!
   * Six weeks ago:    $12,760 - $7,240 to go!
   * Eight weeks ago:  $10,631 - $9,369 to go
   * Ten weeks ago:    $ 9,019 - $10,810 to go
   * Twelve weeks ago: $ 6,700 - $13,300 to go.

== Completed Actions ==

 * Brian - To communicate with the GNOME.Asia organizers to have a list of
attendees that require travel assistance.

== Status of action items ==

 * Bastien - To contact the BBC to discuss about possible collaboration in
working directly with GNOME.
 * Bastien - Reach out to the GNOME Advisory Board via email to see if they
can help out with providing contacts at Yahoo.
 * Bastien - To look into the toll-free US number for the conference call.
 * Brian - Develop trademark usage forms for common use cases. James Vasile
from legal is working with Brian on this.
   * This has been done.  Will close once the Foundation website is
updated, refer to bug #644932.
   * https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=644932
 * Brian - Check records of organizations with existing contracts to use
the GNOME trademark. Taken over from Vincent Untz. Look at the archives in
2005 and try to determine which companies can use the GNOME trademark. Know
what kind of contracts we had with them.  Taken over from Jorge.
 * Brian - Will take over organizing the GNOME Foundation IRC meetings.
 * Emmanuele - To gather names and information for a Wayland hackfest.
 * Germán - Will continue the discussion with Frédéric about the
Gitorious instance on gnome.org. Touched based with Frédéric on Sep 30,
we will elaborate more on his proposal once he has more time.
 * Germán - To inform the local GUADEC 2010 organization the decision to
make final payment to cover remaining costs.  Touched based with Reinount
and Vincent.  There was a misunderstanding with respect to Koen & Sanne
working hours, we need to discuss it again.  Everything is fine.
 * Karen - Will follow up with CiviCRM contract.
   * After some tracking down of the status of the communications, cedwards
sent email to get discussions with Claudian moving again., now following up
with EFF to see if they can help.
 * Karen - Will follow up with !LojaGeek. 
   * Emailed, so far no response, Isabel offered to help.
 * Karen - To look into Google Checkout as an annual payment option for
 * Karen - To finish the Privacy Policy, get review from James Vasile, etc.
 * Karen - To contact GIMP, GStreamer, and !PiTiVi to outline the board's
thoughts about earmarked fund raising.
 * Karen - Follow up with getting Alan Day and Sumana Harihareswara to sign
the Copyright Assessment from SFLC.  Transferred from Brian.
 * Karen - To continue working with Justin about renewing the old
 * Karen - Will put together a proposal on how we should update the bylaws
to improve voting.
 * Karen - Will reach out to Mozilla to find advice about negotiating
 * Karen - To collect and propose dates for board and advisory board
meetings at GUADEC 2012.
 * Rosanna - Automate the process of entering !PayPal information into
 * Rosanna - Will apply for the GNOME credit card.
 * Rosanna - To pay Baptiste Mille-Mathias for the stickers to bring at
 * Ryan - To help Alberto draft a public announcement regarding change in
PGO editorial policy.
 * Ryan - To talk to the release-team about the external dependencies
 * Shaun - Will post the January 18th, 2012 IRC meeting minutes.
 * Shaun - To contact Dave Neary and Ekaterina Gerasimova to get a list of
attendees to get feedback for the summit. 
 * Shaun - To help out extracting the GNOME respondents of Describe
FoundationBoard/Minutes/20111115 here.the Desktop Summit survey.
 * Shaun - To contact the previous editors of the Annual Report to gather a
better picture of how to move forward.
 * Shaun - To coordinate with Germán to write a report for the Financials
section of the Annual Report
 * Shaun & Karen - To have a run-through over budget items.
 * Shaun & Karen - To review the Financial section of the Annual Report.
 * Stormy - will send an email to GWOP interns to attend the Grace Hopper
 * Stormy - Take care of !GnuCash automation.  Taken over from Paul &
 * Stormy - to ask LWN if they can automate it with gnome.org addresses
 * Stormy - To send an email to the GNOME.asia list for plans for next
 * Stormy - To create a wiki page on the accounts holders.

=== New Action Items ===

 * Bastien - To informally contact Lyon and Brno local team representatives
prior to the opening of the bidding process.
 * Germán - To let Julita know that the expense for the GNOME 3.4 party in
Peru has been approved.
 * Shaun - To start a discussion with Andrea about the Emeritus status.
 * Shaun - To finish the Financial section of the Annual Report before the
end of the week (week 20).
 * Shaun - To review the Desktop Summit draft before the end of the week
(week 20).

== Discussed on the mailing list ==

 * Events
   * GUADEC 2012 planning.
   * GNOME and Mono Festival of Love 2012 planning

 * Event Box
   * Tobias Mueller requested 80 Euros to cover Event Box shipping costs
and 50 Euros to replace worn and torn items such as marker pens, bluetac,
rope, etc.  The board approved this expense.

 * Planning for upcoming GNOME Foundation elections.

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