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From: Andrea Veri <av <at> gnome.org>
Subject: Announcing Board of Directors Elections 2013
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.gnome.foundation.announce
Date: Monday 6th May 2013 09:29:16 UTC (over 5 years ago)
Dear Foundation Members,

The GNOME Foundation Membership and Elections Committee are pleased to
announce the upcoming elections for the Board of Directors in Spring 2013.

The most important deadlines (UTC) in the timeline are the following:

                          *GNOME Board Elections 2013*
2013-05-06: List of candidates opens.
2013-05-19: Last day to announce candidacies, submit summary statements.
2013-05-22: Final list of candidates.
2013-05-26: Instructions mailed to eligible voters, voting begins.
2013-06-09: Voting closes.
2013-06-11: Preliminary results are announced.
2013-06-18: Last day to challenge preliminary results.


The seven members of our current Board of Directors have been ruling GNOME
for 12 months now. We, the GNOME Foundation Members, will have to elect
what will be the Board of Directors for the next year.


If you want to run for one of the seven positions on The GNOME Foundation
Board of Directors, then send an email to [email protected] and
[email protected] org with your full
name, e-mail, corporate affiliation (if any), and your reasons for wanting
to serve as a director.

Candidacies must be announced prior to 2013-05-19, 23:59 UTC.

All discussion related to the elections should be held on foundation-list.
Members are invited to ask questions to one or all candidates on that list
(see below).

A list of candidates will be announced on 2013-05-22.

At this point, you are invited to ask the candidates questions by sending
them to foundation-list. These candidates might become your representative,
so do not hesitate to ask them questions.

Please try to avoid asking duplicate questions that others have already
asked. Also, bear in mind that the candidates invest a lot of time
answering questions, so please be reasonable with the amount and scope of
the questions. You can also send your questions to
[email protected] instead, so that the committee can collect,
sift and sort the questions before sending them to foundation-list for the
candidates to respond. Though, if you prefer to ask your questions
directly, please do so.


Every GNOME Foundation member whose membership is valid as of 2013-05-22 is
eligible to vote in the elections. Please note that Emeritus members won't
have voting rights. More details about what Emeritus members can and can't
do are available at

If you are not a member yet, please consider applying for membership ASAP.
Late applications will most likely not be processed in time.

The GNOME Foundation Membership and Elections Committee do inform members
they need to renew by mailing them once a month both on their personal
e-mail and on the foundation-list mailing list. We recommend that members
to also double check this to avoid a missed opportunity to vote. Please
verify that the email address that is associated with your GNOME Foundation
membership is valid and that you are able to read emails sent to this

You can verify your membership status by visiting
and looking for your name, surname
on the list of members. You can also verify your last renewal date by
highlighting your name, surname with your mouse and waiting a little second
for the date to appear correctly.


The Electorate will receive complete instructions on how to vote by
2013-05-26 via email.

The 7 candidates who receive the most votes as counted by a single
transferable vote system (Scottish STV) will be elected, except that no
more than two individuals affiliated with any one corporation may be

In the event of a tie for the final slot on the board, the Elections
Committee will schedule run-off elections as soon as possible.


More information about The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee and the
voting process can be found here:




Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

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