Tobias Mueller | 8 May 02:35 2013

Candidacy: Tobias Mueller

Name: Tobias Mueller
EMail: tobiasmue <at>
Affiliation: None

Dear Foundation,

I'd like to candidate for another term as Director on the Board.

I am passionate about Free Software and GNOME and advancing it satisfies 
me. I enjoyed the work during the last year and I hope to be able to 
continue doing so. Within the last year I helped revamping our bylaws 
and then got more and more involved in making our Friends of GNOME 
program more smooth. This is still ongoing and I also initiated contact 
with a European entity to collect funds for us to make us more 
indepedent from Paypal. Being on the board makes finishing that a lot 

If you have any questions please drop me a line or ask on this list. I 
might not be able to answer quickly though as I will be busy with 
staffing a booth at LinuxTag and attending GNOME.Asia Summit.

Happy voting,