Andreas Nilsson | 19 May 00:50 2013

GNOME Foundation Board candidacy: Andreas Nilsson

Name: Andreas Nilsson
Affiliation: Red Hat

Designer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, involved in GNOME since 2005.
I am part of the Marketing Team, mainly hacking on our websites and 
putting together printing materials for conferences. I also contribute 
to the Design Team, filing design bugs and doing some UX design. I've 
been an OPW mentor 2 times already, and hopefully will be a 3rd time 
this summer.

I would like to run for the Board again. I've served two times 
previously, one time in 2010-2011 and the other one during the current 
term, 2012-2013.
I currently hold the seat of President on the Board, making sure our 
meetings have a clear agenda and are run on time, in a productive way. 
In addition to that, I also conduct phone meetings with Karen Sandler, 
our ED, every two weeks. For the last two years, I've also put together 
our annual reports, an essential part of our communication with the 
Advisory Board and the community.

For this next term, I would like to focus on growing our contributor 
base, making sure the community has the resources to build a stronger 
product, and establishing new partnerships for doing amazing things 
together with them.
- Andreas