Janek Warchoł | 11 Apr 20:41 2012

Re: lilypond bug 2368

On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 8:33 PM, Karol Majewski
<karol.majewsky <at> gmail.com> wrote:
> OK, thanks for explanation! Actually, I've menaged to solve my problem by
> entering hidden notes with unHidden slur in separate voice. Now the tie
> refers to the right notes and appeals to my sense of aesthetic - despite
> colliding with an accidental (take a look at the attachment).

I see additional dots, you may want to hide them as well.
As for the tie, a perfect solution would involve not only avoiding
accidental, but also moving the augmentation dot a bit... there's a
lot of work to be done on ties.

> Janek, I'm not a student of Politechnika Warszawska - neither former nor
> present. I'm a former student of Akademia Muzyczna w Gdańsku :)

Ah :)  I found a Karol-Majewski-Elka-student on the net and thought it
may be you.
Nice to see people from Poland!
Are you interested in becoming a contributor? ;)
BTW, i will take the opportunity for an obvious self-promotion: see
how i represent our country in LilyPond newsletter
http://news.lilynet.net/?The-LilyPond-Report-25 !


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