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Re: Status of the Octave-Forge packages in Debian


On 16 Mar 2012, at 22:47, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:

> <...>
> The following packages have been removed from Debian for different reasons
> (buggy, integrated into 3.6, unmaintained or abandonned upstream, etc.).
> If you heartedly disagree with some removals, please tell us.
>    integration

What is the reason for removing this package? Is there anything that needs to be done 
upstream to get it back? 

> The following packages are already in Debian and worked correctly with
> Octave 3.2, but have not yet been ported to Octave 3.6.  We need to know
> two things: first, which ones of those must absolutely be ported. 
> Second, which ones of those should be removed from Debian.
>    fpl
>    nurbs
>    ocs

I wouldn't say they must "absolutely" get in, but it would be quite useful to not loose
these, I know a few debian/ubuntu users who use them for their work.

> The following packages have never been in Debian.  Please, tell us which
> ones must absolutely get in.
>    oct2mat

Plese make sure you do _NOT_ include this one.

> Thanks in advance,
> All the best,
> Rafael

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