Carnë Draug | 19 Mar 01:30 2012

Re: Status of the Octave-Forge packages in Debian

On 16 March 2012 21:47, Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@...> wrote:
> The following packages have never been in Debian.  Please, tell us which
> ones must absolutely get in.

I had forgot about 2 of theses. Do not package oct2mat (as deFalco has
already mentioned).

* oct2mat - do not package this one as deFalco as already mentioned

* spline-gcvspl - also do not package this one. We want to remove this
package as it is not free software and we have decided to drop the
non-free section. The problem is that the copyright owner has passed
away and no one seems to know what to do about it.


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