Nicu Buculei | 2 Jul 07:49 2008

Re: Import form openclipart

Jakub Klawiter wrote:
> Hello!
> On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 2:18 PM,  <momo@...> wrote:
>> The question of the OCAL importer has already been discussed and as far as I
>> remember the only possible way to make it work correctky is to detect the
>> amount of files in each entry and let the user choose what file to import.
> IMO it is best option. because of PNG thumbnail, and because of OCAL's
> entries like this:

Not because the image is mine, but this is what I think is good use of sets.

> or this one:

And this bad use.

> And once again, maybe PPL should not upload various images into one
> set, but hey, they will also should not:

Not quite, the opinion at OCAL is that uploading in sets is a good thing 
when the images are very similar, like you have one blue flower and 
*exactly* the same colored in red. Otherwise it would only increase the 
image count.
If you think this is bad, probably we can talk about this on the OCAL 
list (even if some of us are subscribed also here).

> - work with administrator privileges
> - stick bank account password to keyboard
> - send a message as power point attachement
> and many, many other things which ppl are doing every day ;-)
> Import form OCAL is great feature in inkscape, now IMO it should be
> useable in natural way for users both of OCAL, and Inkscape.


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