mathog | 24 Apr 20:53 2012

affine/transform question

In the emf print virtual methods the current transform is pulled out 

     Geom::Affine tf =;

Is the stack supposed to hold the final transform, or just the stack of 
partial transforms?

For instance, for this bug:

the text SVG has a set of nested transforms, and the top only returns 
the inner one.  The problem can be
worked around by ungrouping everything, which seems to replace the 
serial transformations with a single one for each object.  Otherwise it 
seems the proper action is to multiply down the transform stack to find 
the final complete transform operation.

It looks like the stack is "fed" by the ::bind method, but that just 
moves the question out a bit, as that method has a call argument which 
is itself a transform.  (Unfortunately "bind" is a common string in this 
code, so grep was not very helpful in locating whatever it is that calls 
the [virtual] ::bind method.)

Thank you,

David Mathog
Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech

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