Andrew Stephan | 26 May 10:55 2012

Graphical "artifacts" when scrolling a ListView inside a LinearLayout

I'm developing an app that has a ListView inside a LinearLayout. There are enough rows in the ListView to make the user have to scroll to see the bottom of the list. When I do scroll, I'm getting some weird graphical artifacts. For example, if I scroll to the bottom and hold it, that blue indicator telling me to stop scrolling will stay. Another thing that happens with my app is that sometimes some of the text will momentarily stay in its original spot when i scroll. Also, if I scroll the ListView slowly, the lines indicating the separate rows will "duplicate" momentarily as well. I have OS version 4.0.4 on a Google Nexus S. I do my testing on my phone itself instead of the emulator. I don't have any similar problems with any of the other 100+ apps I have installed on my phone. I only get these symptoms with this one app I've written. I can paste my code somewhere if needed. Any suggestions on how to fix these artifacts?

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