Carsten Munk | 4 Oct 11:28 2011

Re: MeeGo Reconstructed - a plan of action and direction for MeeGo

2011/10/4 Sivan Greenberg <sivan@...>:
> On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 11:14 AM, Robin Burchell
> <robin+meego@...> wrote:
>> OBS is a very useful tool, just not for the purposes you were
>> apparently forced to use it for. I've used it for the commit, push
>> package, wait for build failure type development cycle as well, and I
>> agree, it's far from optimal - but for easily making heavily
>> customised distributions, OBS is great.
> Robin, why is OBS different and better than the original buildd's we
> used for Maemo and/or nowdays open sourced Launchpad ? I was one of
> those who felt the whole lot of changes we've been going through to
> adopt to Moblin were time consuming and just presented yet another
> hurdle to the community that was already experienced in Debian
> packaging and the debian build servers.
> I think, if we're reconstructing we should perhaps re think the
> decisions that were laid upon us by the corporate governance before we
> repeat them.
> Important note: this is not trolling, I'm sincerely trying to
> understand where and how we are going to from now on.

Long story short: buildd and launchpad is very useful but only when
you're doing Debian and Debian only. OBS is different in many
different ways and allows a proper productization environment as well
as growing an organisation organically.

The choice has been made to go for OBS and RPM in Mer - we'll be in a
even longer cycle if we were to revert to Debian based things and it's
not obvious there'll be any benefit - I personally got bitten badly by
basing on Debian/Ubuntu in the first iteration of Mer. We're here now
and we have something that works and expertise in these areas. That's
the direction we're going in.

(I swear, if we are going to have the RPM vs DEB talk, I'll propose we
switch to rot13 encrypted zip files and actually go ahead with it!)

Carsten Munk
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