Dave Neary | 18 May 10:15 2010

Re: About the "invalid tar magic"


Zheng Zhang wrote:
> I have some troubles when I following the instruction of
> http://wiki.meego.com/ARM/Meego_chroot_install_on_N900,
> when the command " tar xzf  <meego-image> -C $MEEGO_ROOT" is running to
> unpack Meego rootfs image there. I get an error about* "invalid tar
> magic"*. And the instruction said that "There's some problem between GNU
> tar and Busybox tar. Solution is to install GNU tar from Maemo Extras
> (package name is tar-gnu)".I have download the "tar-gnu" package and
> install it ,but it does not work,it still has the "invalid tar
> magic"error.So how do I resolve this problem? Thank you!

tar has a magic number in the header - you can see the magic number for
tar here:

If you open the tar file in a binary-capable editor, you should see
"ustar" at an offset of 257 bytes in the header. If you don't, it's not
a tar file.

I found this:
http://www.mail-archive.com/busybox-9GAsQqxh4YTR7s880joybQ <at> public.gmane.org/msg09380.html when
looking for "busybox tar gnu" - the thread seems to point to the problem
as well as the solution for busybox tar. The alternative solution is to
actually run GNU tar after installing it - find where it is and run it
directly with the path (eg. /usr/local/bin/tar) or whatever).



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