Andrew Flegg | 12 Oct 19:44 2011

Re: Naming of Community Edition - community discussion

Carsten wrote:
> We (as in the steering group) like to query the community for ideas
> on what to call the Community Edition in the future. Currently our
> splash screens says MeeGo 1.3 Community Edition which will be
> increasingily inaccurate as we're working to rebase CE on top of
> the Mer Core.

OK, I'm confused on where you are with defining Mer's governance -
which "steering group" are you referring to?

> Some limitations:
> * Can't include trademarks or company names, such as MeeGo / Tizen,
>   Nokia, etc.
> * Can't include Mer within it as Mer's a core and CE is not "the"
>   Mer UX (nor is anything)

OK, above you refer to "Mer Core" which - as you know - fits into what
I was pitching "MeeGo 2.0" would be:
I think this is now the template for how Mer should function. However,
you also state "Mer's a core" (implying nothing more than that).

IMNSHO, "Mer" should refer to the project which facilitates the
development of a stack of related projects by different teams. "Core"
is one of those projects. "Community Edition" (not sure a new name is
needed if naming is consistent) is another project which takes the
output of "Core", "UX#1", "N900 Adaptation" and "N9(50) Adaptation"
and sprinkles on some of their own special sauce.


  * "Mer" - a group of projects providing the infrastructure for developing
    an open source, mobile Linux OS.
  * "Mer Core" - a project which provides the smallest booting Linux & Qt
  * "Mer Tools" - build tools and stuff on top of "Core" necessary to build
    it either cross-compiled or self-hosting.
  * "Mer Apps" - development, infrastructure etc.
  * "Plasma Active for Mer" - a project taking Plasma Active and
delivering a Mer
    build of it.
  * "Handset UX for Mer" - a project taking MeeGo's Handset UX and delivering a
    Mer build of it.
  * "Mer Community Edition" - a polished, project aiming to deliver a day-to-day
    usable build of one or more of the other Mer projects, acting as a reference

The scope of "Mer" has to, IMHO, encompass these other projects
(rather than being "[just] a core") - it has to be a toolbox of
projects; for no other reason as to provide a home for the "rest" of as it diminishes over time.




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