Jean Cayron | 28 Sep 10:35 2011

MeeGo goes Tizen

Hello eveyone,

For the ones not yet informed, after Moblin and Maemo go MeeGo, the
Linux Foundation announced today that LiMo and MeeGo go Tizen...

Let hope that our translation work won't be lost in the shipment (lost
in translation...)



By now, you may have read that The Linux Foundation, with the support
of several other companies, announced a new project, Tizen, to build a
new operating system for devices. This new project is first and
foremost open source, and based on Linux. So it begs the question: why
not just evolve MeeGo? We believe the future belongs to HTML5-based
applications, outside of a relatively small percentage of apps, and we
are firmly convinced that our investment needs to shift toward HTML5.
Shifting to HTML5 doesn't just mean slapping a web runtime on an
existing Linux, even one aimed at mobile, as MeeGo has been.
Emphasizing HTML5 means that APIs not visible to HTML5 programmers
need not be as rigid, and can evolve with platform technology and can
vary by market segment.

Granted, this is a judgment on our part on which reasonable people
could disagree, but that's the conclusion I came to.

But in the new project, a lot of things will be the same as they were
in the MeeGo project. The Tizen project will reside within the Linux
Foundation, will be governed by a Technical Steering Group, and will
be developed openly with familiar and improved infrastructure. Much
like MeeGo, the Tizen project will support multiple device categories,
including Tablets, Netbooks, Handsets, Smart TV, and In-Vehicle
Infotainment systems.

Over the next couple of months, we will be working very hard to make
sure that users of MeeGo can easily transition to Tizen, and I will be
working even harder to make sure that developers of MeeGo can also
transition to Tizen.

I want to personally thank everyone who has participated in MeeGo over
the past year and a half, and I encourage you to join us at
We hope to use what we learned from the MeeGo project to make Tizen
successful, and I hope to see you participating in Tizen!