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RE: Beagle-SDR and necessary hardware


It depends on what frequencies you want to work with and what your budget is. As far as that there are several kits out there for HF most notably the softRock series and you can find info on them at

And my Beagle Ham card image is available for download at:

In addition you will need:

1) a self powered USB hub (for your keyboard and mouse)
2) a special serial cable that can also be purchased at Digikey (or you can make it yourself)
3) an ethernet adapter (Radio Shack's Trend works fine)
4) a nice HD monitor is nice (but the BB has standard video out as well)
5) a card reader to install the above mentioned Beagle Ham image onto your SD card
6) An SD card of course (2G minimum - 8G is nice, 4G is more than adequate)

Please also visit where there are numerous people to help and answer your questions. I hope this helps you get started.



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Subject: Beagle-SDR and necessary hardware
From: Fabrizio Tappero <>
Date: Tue, December 01, 2009 8:28 am

Dear Beagle-SDR developers,
hello, I am new here.

I am interested in the beagle-SDR and I understand that in order to
get started you need 3 pieces of HW:

- front end (US$ 270)

- beagle board (US$ 150)

- beagle-SRD card (price?)
from: ?

Am I right?
Would it be possible to know how to get the beagle-SDR board? Also is
this board designed in am open-source open-hardware way? are the
schematics and PCB files available for download?

Thank you very much in advance and great job !