Stephen H. Fischer | 3 Aug 04:45 2012

Re: Virus 'IDP.Program.D1B0A5C0' Detected In'CocoDiskUtilityPack v1.0.10.Zip' During Install


Well, my HTPC goes into a BSOD loop when real time monitoring is turned on 
with Microsoft Security Essentials.

I have not had the time to track that problem down. So it is at risk. But I 
can reinstall the OS and the rest of the software in 3 - 4 hours and the 
only critical file is backed up each day to my NAS.

My wireless router is a great one at protection.

My ISP, Earthlink is watching for virus and it has been nine months since it 
told me about one it detected and the known spam count is now so low that it 
is in the single digits for the ~ 10 days period it reports.

The downloads of files are all done with my Vista laptop which Microsoft 
Security Essential is protecting.

Plus I am good at recognizing what not to do.

So, good router, good ISP, firewall on, Microsoft Security Essentials and my 
experience all add up to one virus about twenty years ago when I turned a 
firewall off to try and get networking working.

I am using Microsoft Security Essentials because I now consider myself to be 
at low risk and I want a light load on my system. AVG started to use too 
much of my resources so it was a goner.

Microsoft Security Essentials is free and if you keep your computer up to 
date with Windows Upgrade and use common sense you should be fine. Make sure 
to run the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool each month.

The only thing that would help more is to switch to a Ukraine keyboard.

I posted a link to a video that told me a lot by not saying much.

Revolutionaries: Worm: The First Digital World War

They said a lot by not saying much, and they are in the know. (Conficker)

Bottom line, do regular backups just in case with any protection. This 
laptop, every day at 6 PM to my NAS.

I have done ~ 15 OS installs in the last 15 months trying to track down a 
problem that only I have and only six people at Microsoft would understand. 
So I can bring any of my computers back up very quickly.

I know this is not the simple answer you want, there is no surefire 

CoCoDskUtil I got direct from the author in Venezuela so I knew that there 
was no problem before I started the testing after reading your post. His 
initial download source I would not touch!!!


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> Thank you.  I do understand beta which was one reason I wanted to run the
> software.  I'm look up the snipping tool.  I've seen problems in the past
> with Norton, McAfee, and now AVG.  Which Internet Security Package would 
> you
> recommend me change to?
> Kip
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> I ditched AVG Internet Security long ago for many problems.

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