Peter Bigot | 13 Jun 01:59 2011

mspgcc 20110620 released

The first versioned release of uniarch mspgcc is now available at the mspgcc

This package is the preferred format for most users: it consists of patches
to be applied to upstream unmodified distributions of binutils, gcc, and
gdb, and references to the corresponding versions of msp430mcu and

This is the 20110612 release of mspgcc.  The name "uniarch" will slowly be
deprecated; there is now only one supported mspgcc, and it is this one.

Each component is independently versioned; the mspgcc release will generally
be the same as the most recent release of any component package.  This
release comprises:
   msp430-gdb-7.2-20110103 (legacy, should still work)

(Yes, msp430mcu is dated later; the first release had installation issues,
and since I'd already posted it the fixed version has to have a different
version number.)

Downstream packagers, please get it and let me know if this release format
will cause problems for you.  The plan is to tune this packaging, clear up
any bugs revealed by more widespread testing, then release mspgcc based on
gcc 4.5.3 as a stable product.  Ideally, that will be the version that will
be packaged for future releases of Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

Non-packagers: Although basic instructions are included, I am unable to
provide how-to support for building the toolchain.  If you know how to build
and install your own version of gcc, you'll probably be fine.

I believe we have packagers lined up for Debian and Red Hat/Fedora.  Other
distributions, including all flavors of Windows, still need somebody to take
on the task.

Questions and discussion can be on this list, but please report all
toolchain bugs on the mspgcc bug tracker at:

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