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InfoD: Conference Vision Plus 10 (Call for Papers)

        * Vision Plus 10 *  (International Symposium)

          Touristic Information de Luxe - for All
          Creating inclusive information environments
          Making visitors wish to come again

          September 18 - 20, 2003. Lech, Vorarlberg, Austria

** Conference themes
What can be easily overcome by young and able bodied travellers
might be a real obstacle for elderly tourists. Their number is
steadily growing and so is the need to provide for their more or
less visible physical impairments and disabilities. Attentively
designed information relating to their concerns will result in
inclusive information environments. Such should not only please
the elderly: everyone travelling in unfamiliar territories will
benefit, will feel welcome and at home. The resulting ease and
pleasure of the travelling experience will remain in people's
memories. They may wish to come back and - along with the holiday
snaps - will share it with others.

** Call
IIID welcomes statements, case-studies, best practice examples
and lessons learnt from the following fields:

- Disabled tourists, but not primarily wheelchair-users
- Demanding tourists: their likes and dislikes
- Enforcing the requirements of people with disabilities:
   current legislation and legal steps planned
- Inclusive environments / inclusive information environments
- Touristic information de luxe provided by
     - service providers
     - tourist associations
     - travel agencies
     - hotels and inns
     - tour operators
     - communities
     - transport corporations
- Finding out how to make visitors wish to come again:
     - optimising feedback mechanisms
     - creating real and virtual fan clubs
     - making the visitor a partner.

** Submission
Please send:
   - a short abstract of about 10 lines including title
     and author of the presentation,
   - a short CV with detailed affiliations.
   - and if possible, a manuscript with representative
     screen shots or prototypes of the presentation.
   Ideally the Vision Plus 10 committee (consisting of
   representatives of the organizers) should be able to base
   its decision on a fully worked out presentation.

to the following address:
   e-mail: info <at>
   Postal address:
   International Institute for Information Design
   Joergerstrasse 22/2
   A-1170 Wien/Vienna
   Austria, Europe.

before: June 16th 2003

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